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How do I upgrade from V15.01 to V16.01

Breaking Changes:

MailCOPA has been updated to use the latest sync API's from Google. In these new API's the ID used to track addresses and calendar entries has been changed. Because of this MailCOPA will think all the addresses/events you have are new and send them all to Google, which will duplicate all your addresses. Because of this problem, sync will be switched off on any address books and calendars that were synced to avoid duplicating all your data. It is recommended you create a new book and sync that, then delete your old book. This will cause all your addresses to be copied from Google and have the new ID set correctly. There is also an option to delete local appointments so you can re-synce from Google.

Upgrade instructions:

Make sure you have a backup of all your MailCOPA email client data before starting.  The upgrade modifies your database and should anything unexpected happen while the upgrade is taking place, such as a power cut, or system failure, you will need some way of restoring your data to V15.01 so that you can start the upgrade process again.

For details on how to backup, see How do I backup my MailCOPA email program data?

Once everything is safely backed up, make sure that no copies of the MailCOPA email client are running, anywhere in your network.  If there are any copies of the MailCOPA email client active they will hold open files that the installer needs to update.  This will cause the update to fail, leaving you with corrupt data.  To be sure nothing is running it is recommended that you power down all the machines except for the server machine.  If you are unable to do this make absolutely certain that MailCOPA is not running, and that no-one can start one while you are doing the upgrade.

If you are sure everything is closed down go ahead and run the installer.  You can download the MailCOPA V16.01 installer from

The installer will ask you to confirm a few details, then will begin upgrading your data.  Once the installer is finished it is recommended (but not required) that you restart the server machine. Then you should start the MailCOPA email client on the server machine to make sure everything is working correctly.

When you are happy the MailCOPA email client V16.01 is installed successfully on the server machine you can install the same version on all of your terminals.  Other machines do not need to be closed down for you to do this.  The data is only upgraded when installing the server copy.