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I have lots of email addresses.  What's the best way for me to configure the MailCOPA email client to work with these addresses?

The most efficient way for you to track all your email is to configure the MailCOPA email program with a folders tree that replicates the departments that all your email is arriving for.

For example.  Suppose you have a personal email address, a general business email address, an email address for business sales and a customer service email address.  Configure a folders tree in the MailCOPA email program that looks like this...

MailCOPA Email Program Folder List

Note how we have made the Customer Service folder red.  This is so any new messages in this folder will stand out and be obvious to us no matter which folder we are currently using.  Our customers are very important to us, if we get email from them we want to act on that mail as quickly as possible.

Also notice how we have made archive sub-folders.  This is so we can keep the main folder clear of clutter.  We will only keep new and current emails in the main folders.  As soon as we have finished dealing with those mails we will move them to the relevant archive folder.

To make everything automated we need to create some filters so that as mail is collected the MailCOPA email client will move the messages to the correct folders for us.  As things stand in our configuration now all new mail collected will end up in our Inbox.  MailCOPA has a great feature on the message menu that will help us to create filters for moving messages.

Suppose we have the MailCOPA email program go online and collect our mail.  We receive the following message in our inbox

MailCOPA Email Program message list

This message is for our customer service department.  In future we would like the MailCOPA email program to automatically put messages for customer service straight into the customer service folder.  Right click on the message and select Create Filter, which is found under the Move Message submenu.

MailCOPA Email Client Message Context Menu

This will open the create filter window, but with all the hard work done for you.

MailCOPA Email Program Create Filter

We need to make a couple of changes from the default settings.  First give the filter a name.  Something like Customer Service Transfer will make sure we can find it again later should we want to modify it.

Next, use the Field dropdown and change the field we are going to use for the comparison to the To Header.  This is because we want to filter all mail that is sent to our customer service address.  Next click where it says Inbox in the Actions list.  Now we can open a browse window and locate our customer services folder.

Create Filter 2

Finally press the save button.  That's all there is to creating a transfer filter in MailCOPA.  In future any messages addressed to our customer services department will automatically be transferred to our customer services folder as soon as they arrive.