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MailCOPA always puts my cursor at the bottom when I am replying to a message and always puts my signature below the quoted text.  How can I put the cursor at the top?

It is unfortunate that in recent years "Top Posting" has become common.  Email threads written by top posting (ie putting all new information above all old information) is much more difficult to read than email that is correctly quoted.  Correctly quoted mail can be read in one go, from the very top to the very bottom. With top posting it is often difficult to work out what is being replied to, and where the various previous important parts are located.

Never the less, we appreciate that we cannot convince every user to use the quoted method and many will still prefer to top post their messages.

To switch the MailCOPA email client to top posting mode you will need to set the following options in the Set Preferences Screen found under the Configuration menu.

MailCOPA Email Program Config Menu

On the messages editing page tick the "Put  cursor at the top on reply" box.

Editing Set Preferences Screenshot

On the Signatures page tick the "Put signature above quoted text" box.

Signatures Set Preferences Screenshot

You may also want to untick the "Strip senders signature on reply" box as this may remove everything below the most recent signature when you reply.