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No matter how hard I try I can't get MailCOPA to work as a multi-machine install

Some network configurations are so security tight that the MailCOPA email client cannot do what it needs to do to share your data automatically.

Also, when you first installed the MailCOPA email client on your machine it would have asked you if you wished to install the InterVations Database Server.  This question can be a little confusing when you are not sure how the MailCOPA email program works and you may have skipped over this without installing the required server.

If you are unsure if you have the database server installed, click here to download it, then install it.  You should only install it on the machine you plan to be your "server".  That is the machine where all the MailCOPA email program data will be held.  This machine needs to be running Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, 2008 or above.  You should also try to use the best machine in your network for this purpose as it will be "serving" data to all your other machines and will have a higher workload.

Once the InterVations Database Server is installed you should go to each of your client machines and select Configure Multi-Machine Data Sharing from the Wizards menu. 

MailCOPA Email Program Wizards Menu

This will walk you through setting the data sharing up.

Your client machines can be running any version of Windows.

New client installs should automatically detect the InterVations database server and ask if you wish to connect to that data source.

If you have a firewall then you will need to allow port 7492 on both TCP and UDP access and UDP port 7491.  These are the ports used by the InterVations Database Server.