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How do I import my messages from my previous email program.

The MailCOPA email client can import messages, folder trees and address books from Microsoft Outlook Express 5 and 6 and Microsoft Outlook.  It can also import the messages and folder trees from Eudora.

To do this go to the Wizards menu and select Import Mail/Addresses.

MailCOPA Email Program Wizards Menu

The MailCOPA email program can also import from many other email programs that store their messages in Unix Mailbox format.  Netscape and Thunderbird are two examples of email program that store their messages this way.  To do this right click on a folder and select import, then Unix Mailbox format.  You will need to browse for the file you wish to import.

MailCOPA Import Menu

You can also import from standard .eml files.  This can be achieved in several ways.  You can either right click on the folder you wish to import the messages to and select import, then .eml files, or you can drag the .eml files directly to a folder from your Windows explorer.