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I'm having problems collecting my mail, or I'm having problems sending mail

I can't collect email. It keeps saying failed to connect to server. Or, every email I send ends up in my Outbox and I get an error saying the message could not be sent.

These errors are usually because of incorrectly configured incoming or outgoing mail server settings. These settings are provided to you by your ISP. At a minimum you will need to know your POP3 server address, the username and password for the POP3 server and the SMTP server address. Depending on your ISP there may be more information you need to supply to MailCOPA to. You may need a username and password for the SMTP server, or you may need to modify port settings, or use SSL.

Sometimes figuring out exactly what is wrong can be difficult. MailCOPA can provide you with the actual conversation log between MailCOPA and your ISP's servers. This can often pinpoint exactly what the problem is. To switch on the log you need to go to the Configuration menu in MailCOPA and select User/Account details. On the right hand side of the default page there is a box that says "Connection Log File". Set this to Append. Then set the maximum size to 1MB. Press the OK button.

Next, make the failure occur. Either send some mail if it's sending you are having a problem with or try and collect mail if it's collecting you are having problems with. Afetr the error message is displayed go to the View menu in the MailCOPA email client and select Connection Log.

Read the log through, usually there is one command from MailCOPA followed by the reply from your ISP's servers. If you don't unsderstand what is in the log then copy and paste the contents to our support department and they will be able to explain exactly what it is you need to do to solve your problem.