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Can I store the MailCOPA database on my NAS (Network Attached Storage) Device?

This can be done. But since MailCOPA V11 the database has been a true client/server model. This means that all database transactions need to pass through the Database Server software.

In previous versions of MailCOPA you could simply point all machines to the data on the NAS device like this

Old NAS Setup

but with V11 onwards this is no longer possible. One machine needs to act as your server, because NAS Devices generally can't run software. All client machines will connect to the server to get their data, but the server will connect to the NAS device to collect it's data, like this...

New NAS Setup

To configure your MailCOPA email client installation to work like this get everything working in your network with the data stored on the server machine first. Then use this FAQ I need to move the MailCOPA data to another locationto locate your data and move it to your NAS. Just change the data path on the server machine. The server will then access all data from the NAS. Clients will still request the data from the server.