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What's new in version 15.01?
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Mail Filters can now contain unlimited conditions.

Added four new filter conditions - In Whitelist, Not In Whitelist, In Blacklist, Not in Blacklist. These can be used for more flexible spam filtering.

Added new filter field - Attachment Name.

Added two new outgoing filter actions - Add recipients to Address Book and Add recipients to Mail List.

Added Date Deleted field to messages - this can be displayed in the headers of the Messages List, but will be blank except in the Deleted Items folder.

Added new stationery macro command Prefix the Subject. Adds specified text to the beginning of the subject.

Added new stationery macro Add original CC recipients.  Puts the original CC list in when replying or forwarding.

Insert Quick Text menu item on the editor can now be added to the editor toolbar.

Added spellcheck functionality to Quick Text and Stationery editors.

Mailing List window - Added splitter between mail list list and address list so list can be made wider.

Added History sub-menu to View menu with Back and Forward in it.  Navigates back through the last messages viewed, and back again, and can be added to Main Menu by customising it.

Add address window no longer modal, allowing access to MailCOPA's other windows while working with it, eg to find an address in an email.

Option to print Date Message Sent to the Print configuration.