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Anti-Virus Measures
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The MailCOPA email client confronts the problem of potential virus threats in your email in a number of ways.

First, MailCOPA IS NOT susceptible to Outlook targeted viruses using the Outlook address book to spread infected email. Not now, not ever.

Second, the MailCOPA viewer will not run scripts, and is capable of displaying messages either in plain text mode (where the message includes a plain text section) or in 'offline' mode, where images fetched from the internet are not displayed. This prevents the use of 'web beacons', where image downloads can be tracked and linked to you, showing that you opened the emamil. There is a right-click option to view HTML emails simply and easily once you are happy with the contents.

The anti-virus measures incorporated in MailCOPA are not a substitute for taking sensible precautions with received files, using proper anti-virus software etc.