Message Formats

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Message Formats
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Both the quick viewer and message view window can display plain text or HTML formatted messages.  HTML formatted messages will be displayed as HTML unless the option to display as plain text is selected under Preferences – HTML. This can be overridden from the context menu.

If a message was originally written in Plain Text format, there will be no HTML section to display. If written in HTML format, messages may have a Plain Text section which can be displayed in preference to the HTML section.

Some messages do not have a Plain Text section, in which case, when you attempt to display them in Plain Text format, MailCOPA will display a message to this effect. You should use the context menu to display them in HTML format.

Where the formatting is too complex for the built-in viewer, there is the option of viewing using your browser from the message list context menu.

There are security risks associated with HTML messages, such as embedded images that can alert the sender that the message has been viewed. These can be reduced by changing your HTML settings as above.