Google Desktop Search

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Google Desktop Search
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For details of this see (internet link).

A plugin is available so that mail received by MailCOPA will be indexed by Google Desktop Search (GDS).

However, NOTE:

Only mail sent and received by the local machine will be indexed on the local machine - this feature is really only suited to standalone installations of MailCOPA.

GDS will be given its own copy of each message which it will store entirely separately from the MailCOPA data store, to which GDS has no access.

There is no facility within GDS for deleting content (to our knowledge at the time of writing).

Including MailCOPA messages in GDS

Install Google Desktop Search (see - internet link)

1.Allow GDS to index content on your machine

2.Download the MailCOPA GDS plugin from

3.Install the MailCOPA GDS plugin

4.Right-click the GDS icon in the Notification Area (System Tray), select More then Preferences and ensure that the MailCOPA GDS plugin is enabled.